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Good day, angels!

We have taken the polls results and made the correct adjustments to the last Spell update.
Todays patch includes many fixes and new trinkets for players to obtain.

New items have been added to the Item Mall that would help the server in the long term.
Producer maps have been open, Apocalypso instance is now even more worth grinding in all day.

Angel Wings/Mark Portal Scroll issue has been addressed, we are sorry but this is the only way to fix this, disabling the item in wars is not currently possible.

Skill changes in short, fixed all complains from the last update.Changed some skills based on suggestions.Balanced Spell Defense across multiple classes.
With this update, you can go whatever melee build you want, want more DMG ? pick Grapple or Avatar, need to be tanky while still having good utilities ? Get Shield/Enhance/Life/Earth/Avatar/Assault/SB

Your current builds will not change, unless u so desire.
Thank you for your understanding.

++This patch contains the following changes:

++Item Mall
+LuckyBag -> Hot
Added NEW Sacred Trinket Lucky Bag
+Special -> Teleport
Mark Portal Scroll - adjusted price
Add NEW Endless-Mark Portal Scroll
Add NEW Endless-Ring of Angel Wings
+Special -> General
Removed SP Power Scroll
Removed Super SP Power Scroll
Removed Ultra SP Power Scroll
Add NEW Sonic SP Power Scroll
Removed Witch Badge Lucky Egg

+Carota - map now open
+Caroti - map now open
+Caroto - map now open
+Super Area - updated monster stats

Added Top Super V Vouchers
Added Arcane Scrap
Added 2b Exp Vouchers(299 and below)
Added Straw Pollutant
Added New Shapeshifts

Increased all stats on Statues and Guards

Increased exp/skill exp gained (300-314)
Increased pet exp gained (269-273) AND (1-79)

++Totem War
DG - adjusted totem/crystal/monster stats
MW - adjusted totem/crystal/monster stats
QV - adjusted totem/crystal/monster stats
TW - fixed Super Terra npc sending u to the wrong map
SML - adjusted totem/crystal/monster stats
NML - adjusted totem/crystal/monster stats
CH - adjusted totem/crystal/monster stats
TR - adjusted totem/crystal/monster stats

Mark Portal Scroll - Added cooldown 15 minutes
Ring of Angel Wings - Added cooldown 1 minutes
Stat Stones - Will no longer stack with shapeshifts / reduced duration from 1 day to 1 hour(You can still bug shapeshifts, use Shapeshift, then use Escape Pot and its gonna be bugged, if you have a Stat Stone like Stone of Gods on you cannot use shapeshifts)
Juno Shapeshifts - Fixed 2 shapeshifts Mamai and Leader Angel not working
Red and Blue potions - adjusted healing values

++Skill Changes:
Armor Break - reverted to original IGG values
Gae Bolg - -Def 20000/25000/30000/35000/40000 -> 1000/2000/3000/3500/5000 / -SDef 3000/3500/4000/4500/5000 -> 500/1000/1250/1500/2000
Spear Shower - fixed spell description / reduced multihit
Bloodlust - changed from Max HP to %Max HP

Zen Blade - Nerfed Rank V Off-hand power bonus 40 -> 30
Blade Field - reduced SA debuff / increased defense / increased proc times / reduced chance to proc
Astra Dance - adjusted ATK bonus / increased duration
Tornado Cut - no longer stacks with Thunder Sword
Thunder Sword - Cooldown 3s -> 1s
Sword Spell - reduced attack speed

Shield Hit - Stun Duration 3s -> 2s
Lotus Armor - reduced def/sd bonus
Inferno Battleaxe - reduced SD bonus

+Staff Hit:
Sage Aura - Reduced MP Cost
Particle Refraction - Reduced MP Cost
Shock Absorber - Reduced MP Cost
Spell Boost - Reduced MP Cost / increased MP Regen

Polar Starburst - fixed stacking / cooldown 3s -> 2s
Erosion - reduced debuff values
Mage Anarchy - reduced debuff values
Dimension Shift - increased range 5 -> 6

Mad Enhancement - SP cost 2 -> 1 / Duration 30s -> 60s / Cooldown 30s -> 60s
Shadowy Killer - adjusted spell cast reduction / increased rank V chance for sination to work and attack power bonus
Sneak - adjusted effect

Inspiring Rouse - adjusted stats to x2 of the original spell
Solar Burst - reduced time to hit target / cooldown 5s -> 2s
Enervation Arrow - cooldown 5s -> 3s
Glacier Arrow -> now stacks with other spells / cooldown 4s -> 2.5s / SP 2 -> 1
Point Of Convergence - SP 2 -> 1

Cross Sagacious - fixed spell power / cooldown 3s -> 2s / stun duration 2s -> 1s
Divine Bless - adjusted buff stats / fixed stacking
Spirit's Blessing - increased HP
Defensive Wall - adjusted buff stats
Divine Arrow - cooldown 2.5s -> 2s
Holy Ballad - reduced stats
Mirror Reflect - Added Def and SD

Apocalypse Elegy - fixed aoe range
Ionic Tempest - fixed aoe range
Ghostly Swordsman - fixed stats for all ranks
Brainjack - increased SA values

Dimension Breaker - ranks no longer stack
Spirit Binding - changed effect
Natural Remedy - increased healing

Quick Step - increased MS bonus while in stealth / increased agility and rigor
Shadow Meld - adjusted spell cast reduction / increased rank V chance for sination to work and attack power bonus
Illusion Strength - changed effect

Deceptive Clone - changed effect

Lordly Aura - reduced cooldown
Flowing Water - reduced cooldown
Tiger Arts - reduced cooldown
Drifting Clouds - reduced cooldown

Limit Breaker - reduced cooldown
Tough Physique - reduced cooldown / now adds SD
Anger - reduced cooldown
Iron Body - reduced cooldown / now adds SD

Iron Will - adjusted values based on IGG changes / now reduces SA
Burning Will - adjusted values based on IGG changes
Meditate - adjusted values based on IGG changes
Sacred Shield - increased shield value
Mana Flow - increased mana regen

Fury Attack - changed effect
Recovery Shield - changed effect
Hot Blooded - Gain SP 2 -> 3
Anti-Chain Shield - reduced chance to make multihits miss
Anti-Chain Tactics - reduced chance to make multihits miss

The update takes about 30 minutes.

Please log out in advance to avoid any data corruptions.

We are much more active on Discord! Come and join us!

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