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Good day, angels!

We apologize for the delayed updates.

As we have not had any new events in a while, we are bringing you 2 events.

++This patch contains the following changes:

++Server rates:
Character Exp x2 -> x1
Skill Exp x8 -> x10
Pet Exp x6 -> x10
Prod Skill Exp x6 -> x10
Prod Collection Speed x4 -> x1
Monster droprate x4 -> x1

++Item Mall:
+On Sale:
Added Event Item June Bride Blossom
Removed Maple Mark
Removed Maple Teleportation Scroll
Removed Selected Furniture Egg 2
Removed Selected Furniture Egg 1
Added VIP Upgrade Voucher

+Function -> General:
Removed No. 7 Safe Egg
Added Safe Key(Permanence)

+Lucky Bags -> Hot:
Removed Exceptional Lucky Bags
Removed (2) Exceptional Lucky Bags

+Lucky Bags -> Weapon:
Removed 2020-11 Sept Lucky Bags
Removed Lv 260 Set Boxes
Removed Lv 270 Lucent Weapons

3-Star VIP Badge renames to 1-Star VIP Badge
1-Star VIP Badge icon changed
Added new item VIP Upgrade Voucher, can be found in the Item Mall
Added new item 2-Star VIP Badge

Resource Manager - Updated text, Updated exchange options, added VIP badge exchange
Astrologer - Disabled NPC
Changed all Elite NPC lvl to match the max player level
Fashionable - Changed name to Fashion Princess, Changed NPC Model, Updated exchange options

Removed Christmas decorations

+Event Title:
Compensation Rates
+Event Period:
June 11, 2021 (Wednesday, after maintenance) to June 18, 2021 (Wednesday, before maintenance)
*Time-limited Event
During the event period, all exp rates will be increased by x3 and monster drop rate by x2

+Event Title:
Juno’s Distress
+Event Period:
June 11, 2021 (Wednesday, after maintenance) to July 9, 2021 (Wednesday, before maintenance)
*Time-limited Event
+Event Intro:
Can you feel the love in the air? This season of flowers and weddings, Eden receives a silent visit from [Juno], the goddess of love and marriage. Every year in June, goddess Juno will pay a special visit to all couples who love each other truly and faithfully, blessing them with a blissful marriage using the magic of [June Bride Blossoms].
Today, however, she drops by Angel Lyceum with none of her usual cheer in sight, seemingly distressed by something. Why not talk to her and see how you can help? Who knows, she might bless you with true love and happiness for your kindness!

During the event period, NPC - Juno will be in [Server Branch 1] Angel Lyceum to provide event details, as well as prize draw and other services.
During the event period, players may purchase [June Bride Blossoms (49 Angel Gold)] from the Item Mall and use them for a chance to draw a prize from Juno.
During the event period, there will be [June Bride Blossom] in the Item Mall. [June Bride Blossoms] will be sold at special prices of 9,000 Angel Gold for 200.
Juno has prepared tons of rare and unique items for you! There will be greater chances of obtaining these rare items if more players participate in the event!
During the event period, exchange 10 [100 million Angelic Voucher] to receive 1 [Crystal Sack] in npc Juno. There will be a chance of getting [June Bride Blossoms] from the Crystal Sacks.
During the event period, Lv 1 and above monsters and resources on all maps and Angel Lyceum, East Playground, West Playground, Sakura to Aethernia Dungeons will have a chance to drop [Miracle Seeds]. Collect Miracle Seeds to exchange for event items from Juno.

The update takes about 30 minutes.

Please log out in advance to avoid any data corruptions.

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