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[Sys] Server update announcement!

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Hello, for today's update we got a few changes and fixes.

Changes are as follow:
Pet skill changes:
        - Nimbus Shield (Level 255-275 Pet)
        It now gives:
        100K ATK/DEF
        60K SA/SD
        3.5M HP
        2M MP
        2500 RIG/AGI
        31% SD/DEF
If the feedback in this change is nice, more pet skills will be modified so pets are relevant again in PvP/PvE. Thank you!
Now, we have some changes to Item Mall items, as well as new items added.
Changes are as follow:

        - Suriya AOPVP Lucky Bag
        Suriya Egg
        2 Ornament and Energy Brooch Trinket
        1 Pandaboo Back PD
        1 Titan's Backpack
        2 New Rides
        Monkey Egg
        Bunny Egg
        Teddy Egg
  - New PD sets
        PD Cozzy
        PD Adventurer

        - Lucky Wish Bag 5
        This bag got some improvements, it will now give more tickets as it did before, with this change we hope players have an easier way to enhance their stuff and hopefully get those items to 15x!

        - Some items got their price lowered and some items now give higher amount for the same price!
Some skills were fixed as well as buffed.
Skill changes are as follow:
        - Assault
        Ghostly Tactics now give more agility

        - Bow
        Steel Rain 1-4 Reduced Cooldown to 2.5s
        Steel Rain 5 Reduced Cooldown to 2.3s

        - Spear
        Gae Bolg - Reduced Cooldown by 1 second
        Frosty Stab - Reduced Cooldown

        - Earth
        Energy Source gives less mana but all ranks can be used at the same time
        Spirit Binding V is now giving 2600 ATK/DEF and 2600 SA/SD
        Vibrant Energy V is now giving 3000 ATK/DEF/SA/SD

        - Chaos
        Erosion IV is now giving 2.500 SA
        Megiddo Flare is now stackable with other spells
        Mage Anarchy is no longer able to use rank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 at the same time

        - Wraith
        Phantom Strike is now stackable with other spells
        Eerie Cursed this spell will be changed to be used as a buff instead, we hope to hear your feedback on this

        - Shadowblade
        Shadowy Killer got its cast time speed buff got increased from 0.8s to 1.3s

Those are all the changes for today's update, we hope you like it!
If you have any suggestion for future patch, let us know, we will try to implement it!
Have a nice day.

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