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[Sylvan Choas] All-in-One Guide AOPVP (part 7)

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Angel, why was I banned without notice? Unban my posts.

Anyway, that's not gonna stop me from posting more threads anyways. I woke up at like 3 in the morning just to get hit with this update. GM really told us that there would be no Slyvan this month, then changed his mind after discord voted 17-8. *sigh* Well you guys better get your bank accounts ready because it's time for another level 240-260 grind.
It's pretty clear what to do now that you get the hang of grinding exp. Set your ab to your desired spot, whether that be melee mobs or mage mobs. There's a bunch of new skills to buy, which most people are swapping out of mage skills. And if you don't know this already, you should only buy skills if you are rank 13 and up since you get a 20% discount at NPC shops. This is probably going to be one of the last posts I make since I don't actually have many legitamite tips left. Again, make sure you can sustain while leveling, testing out different builds and areas until you feel comfortable, and make sure you dont exceed the exp limit. I know this isn't much of a post, but the game gets very repetetive between its system of leveling, skilling, and questing. I think if you made it this far (Lv240+) , you understand the game very well. You'll do fine on your own.
This is me signing off for now, toolon.

P.S. I was going to save this plan for last, but between the first time that I messed up with slarm xp, the second time with me going to the bathroom for 30 seconds and accidentally leveling up, I had a plan going into Sylvan Chaos that would make sure I didn't mess up. I had a bunch of 800m exp cards ready for when I reached level 260. The plan was to get 800 million and 1 exp, or get 1.6b and 1 exp, or some multiple of 800m. The point was that it's a lot harder to mess up with an 800m exp gap than with the 1 exp gap. If you messed up and got 790something million exp, then you could always just die and the number would go back up to 810m exp. After you get 1 exp, you go to HB and get 1 point and claim rank 1 for the entire patch, until Magma Flux comes out.

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